Plans validators

Presentation of Insurance plans

Will be released soon, check roadmap for more information about timeline

How work "validators"

This is a two phases process :
  • When a claim is received, sent by someone from the community, Opysa will receive an automatic report regarding the plan subscribed and all the needed information to determine the incident. Then (only at the beginning) our team will validate manually the claim if it respects our legal policy and if it's legit. Once validated the claim goes directly to the community vote section.
  • The second phase of the claim starts here, every member of Opsya community staking OPSY and OGLD tokens will be able to give the final decision. They will have access to the final report where all anonymous details are written. If the majority gives a Yes vote, the claim is validated !
It is in the interest of the community in both cases, for a Yes vote or a No vote.
If the community vote Yes, users will receive AVAX reflections from token buy then transfer even after for future different usage. On top of that it will encourage the person who asked for a claim to subscribe another time, which is good for the entire ecosystem valuation.
If the community vote No, they protect the treasury from a scam attempt, if the team missed something it s always good to have 2-3..1000 more checks ;)