Staking and Lock

Staking OGLD

Get the opportunity to stake your OGLD and earn rewards. The system here is slightly different than our farming pools. We will release all details soon. Our OGLD token is still in development.


One of your feature reserved for our valued users. We will introduce "Rank" system. Obtain a rank on Opsya will provide you several advantages like better price for insurance plan, a seat in our Opsya incubator program, exclusive periodical airdrops. Rank is based on a 10 days locking period for 30 days active rank (locking period).
Ex. from January 1st to January 10th you can lock any time you want. From january 10th to february 10th you will receive a rank according to the amount locked.
Locking some of your OGLD token will give you a rank related to the number of tokens locked described below.
  • Rank 1 : //// OGLD
  • Rank 2 : //// OGLD
  • Rank 3 : //// OGLD
  • Rank 4 : //// OGLD
Note : Tokens Locked will be excluded for reflection rewards.