Opsya Charity program

Our great plans are not only for crypto investors. We decided to create a charity wallet to contribute at our level, helping some charity organizations making people life easier.
The process is simple, our team will select some charity organizations and submit them to the community for a vote (taking place in our Dapp. YOU will decide which organization will receive the total value of the charity wallet. And this twice a year.
Charity Wallet will be funded by :
  • 1% coming from OPSY sell Tax.
  • Taxes from OGLD : TBA.
  • Opsya team will send Avax coins every month in terms of Opsya financial results.
The charity program is available at :
If you have good idea or if you know public charity organization even small in your country don't hesitate and submit it to the team for review, during this period a lot of people are struggling and if we could send them even a little help, it would be amazing !