The Problem

The estimated number of global crypto users has passed 100 million and this number is growing every day. The security and risks are the main concerns for every project, exchanges, marketplace, buyers, sellers, trader. Regardless the profile of people/organization in this industry something has to be done not to cancel the risk (steal/hack/losing account/scam/wrong trade/etc..) but at least to reduce it giving more peace of mind for investor or content creator. Lack of regulation creates a risky environment as well. This is largely a problem with Bitcoin or other value-based blockchain networks. But the fact is, as many investing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for the first time in the last few months have found to their cost, it’s a very volatile environment. Due to the lack of regulatory oversight, scams and market manipulation are commonplace. Among the high-profile cases is Oncecoin; recently revealed as a ponzi scheme which is believed to have robbed millions from investors. As with many areas of tech in recent years, legislators have largely failed to keep pace with innovators (or scammers), leading to rich pickings for those seeking to exploit “FOMO”: the “fear of missing out”. Even if, as a speculative investor in cryptocurrencies, you choose to stick to the relatively established coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ether, there is always a chance that the exchange or the wallet where you keep your coins and tokens will be hacked, shut down by governments due to shady practices, or simply abscond with your coins.

The solution

Here is Opsya, working as an insurance, user can come to the website and after 3 min leaving with his total wallet covered. It’s very simple, user can connect to D-app and choose an insurance plan according to what he needs. It can be for a simple metamask address with 0,5 AVAX or for a full exchange account with 15 BTC or may be an active trading account taking risks in some long or short positions, we have a suitable plan for everybody. Don' miss any opportunity. So according to our terms and conditions, when a user account is insured if something happen and once validated by team Opsya gives back the maximum value of covering policy in OGLD tokens, plus 10% (to cover OPSY buying taxes). User can hold that amount and earn passive income in AVAX due to automatic reflection for each network transaction or simply trade that amount to any other cryptocurrency.