CEO co-founder


Co-funder of Opsya project and CEO. She worked for different company in different sectors, from fashion to finance, insurance to team management. Active in crypto market since 8 years, she can have a great view of the actual global market. Young and dynamic, she is currently in UAE close to our future investors.

CTO co-founder


Co-funder of Opsya project and CTO. François worked as an airline pilot for 7 years and is in the crypto market since 4 years principally as an investor and trader. He is managing and supervising all Opysa Operations. Currently between France and UAE, in charge of the launch of Opsya project.



Community manager of Opsya since the beginning, she is here to ensure a good communication inside the community and between the community and Opsya team. Currently working on the marketing strategy.

Senior Blockchain Developer


Big background, joined Opsya team this summer. Blockchain expert. Worked on projects based on Etherum and binance smart chain. Migration to Avalanche was a challenge but not for him.

Blockchain Developers

May be you !

Jeremy previously with us will be unavailable for the next five month so we open the position : Feel free to apply, we are looking for talented people working in UAE or remotely. Send your application at [email protected] .

Web Developer / Designer


Currently working for two projects, he is in charge of the design of website, Dapp and DAO. Specialist in photoshop/illustrator, web developement, web3, nodejs he has a good experience on small projects management as well,


Time to time we hire freelance to accomplish some tasks in developement like security audit or front end improvements.