Trust :

As all Crypto projects, trust is critical. This entails complete openness in all aspects of community and development work, as well as security efforts. We are building each feature, each part of our system with care to minimize safety breach. Our team is KYC.

Transparency :

Our contracts are accessible, every transaction will be trackable on the Avalanche Blockchain (Snowtrace). Opsya ecosystem would be fully ready end of 2022, from the official launch date and then every four-month users will have an access without restriction to the Opsya's organization report. Statistics and token financial. We could not be more transparent.

Longevity :

Our initial roadmap brings us to 2023 Q1 but Opsya is here to stay. All our development is based on the future. The first phase will represent the foundation then with our ecosystem fully operational we will be able to stay for decade giving better service every year. We know that our model is unique, and the need is real, more we have the vision to improve our system to reach every single crypto owner. Our team will grow as our organization, we are hiring people actively.

Efficiency :

Our team is multi-cultural and can provide support in four different languages. We are all working from our country except for general meetings. Economic efficiency implies an economic state in which every resource is optimally allocated to serve each individual or entity in the best way, that's our main goal.

Charity :

Every Opsya anniversary, we will engage our community on website and social network. Our community, our users will decide the destination of the full amount of stacked in the charity wallet after a year of OPSY and OGLD tokens (value in fiat). Some organizations will be selected and will receive the funds. More information to come.